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Woodpecker Damage Siding Replacement

Renew Your Kansas City area Home’s Beauty by Replacing Your Woodpecker-Damaged Siding

That tap-tap-tapping on your home’s siding isn’t just annoying—it’s damaging. Woodpeckers create unsightly marks that weaken wood siding, making it vulnerable to rotting, mold, and leaks.

Put a stop to frustrating woodpecker damage with a lasting, attractive siding replacement from StateLine Exteriors—and be proud of your Kansas City area home again.

How to Spot Nagging Woodpecker Damage

Kansas City Area Woodpecker Damage Repair

Woodpeckers drill into wood to make nests, find insects, and create drumming sounds to attract a mate. You can spot their work in siding, window frames, and roofing.

  • Large holes containing nest materials, seeds or nuts
  • Rows or clusters of small holes
  • Paint chipping
  • Repetitive drumming sounds
  • Acorns wedged between shakes or shingles
  • Damaged seams in tongue and groove cedar siding

Siding Repair vs. Siding Replacement: Which Is Better?

If woodpeckers find a welcoming place in your home, they’ll return year after year. Quick fixes to wood siding may work in the short-term but won’t keep woodpeckers away for long. The problem will continue, weakening your siding and putting you at risk of costly repairs down the road.

To keep pests away long-term, we recommend you replace your siding with a woodpecker-resistant siding product on your home.

Choose a Lasting Solution: James Hardie Siding

James Hardie

Beautiful, durable, pest-resistant fiber cement siding is a perfect solution for keeping woodpeckers away.

Engineered to handle Kansas City’s stormy weather and available in eye-catching, baked-on color choicesJames Hardie is also unappealing to pests. Fiber cement simply isn’t edible, so it keeps away termites, carpenter ants, rodents, and yes—woodpeckers.

Siding replacement with James Hardie fiber cement products gives you:

  • Added protection — James Hardie siding typically lasts 30-50 years, giving your home a strong defense against weather and pests.
  • No more wood rot — Fiber cement is man-made from cement, sand, and fibers, so it can’t rot.
  • Stop future damage — You’ll have no more nagging issues with woodpeckers when you turn to trusted James Hardie siding.

Need a woodpecker-resistant siding for your Kansas City area home?

Our “Ultimate Hardie Board and Fiber Cement Siding Guide” can help you find a solution.

Why Choose StateLine Exteriors for Your Kansas City Woodpecker Damaged Siding Replacement

We’re Kansas City’s award-winning James Hardie siding contractor for a good reason!

  • Commitment to superior craftsmanship
  • Premier installation techniques that guarantee your James Hardie warranty
  • Reliable, responsive crews
  • Personalized service that treats you like an individual, not a project
  • Beautiful installations that you’ll love for years

End Woodpecker Damage on Your Kansas City Area Home

Stop the repeating cycle of unsightly, annoying pest damage to your home with woodpecker-resistant siding that makes you proud of your home. Contact us today.

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