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What Are the Problems With My Kansas City Home’s Stucco Exterior?

Stucco is a beautiful exterior material that homeowners across the country love for its warm, inviting appearance. However, stucco isn’t a great material for climates that receive frequent rain and snow, like Kansas City. Stucco, especially when not installed well, can develop significant moisture damage beneath the surface. 

Learn why your Kansas City home may be a prime candidate for stucco failure—and discover which durable siding material you should install on your exterior instead.

Why Is My Home’s Stucco Siding Prone to Deterioration?

If you’re living in a neighborhood in Kansas City that’s less than two decades old, you probably feel pretty good about the state of your home, right? Unfortunately, if you have a stucco exterior—that may not be the case. Experts estimate that nearly 20% of newer stucco homes in Kansas City are suffering from stucco failure and may need considerable repairs.

The reason? Shoddy installation.

While some builders may cut corners to get the job done quickly, more likely, many installers don’t understand the nuances of installing stucco to keep moisture out. For example, synthetic stucco, a popular product applied to many homes in Kansas City, includes a foam board beneath the stucco. When there’s not a proper drainage system in place, this board can soak up moisture, develop rot, and cause structural damage to your home

If you live in a stucco home in Kansas City, it’s vital to be proactive about stucco remediation to protect your home from stucco failure. Unfortunately, stucco failure is typically unnoticeable until the destruction to your home is too great and requires costly repairs.

Common Signs Your Home May Have Stucco Failure

If you observe the following signs of stucco failure, contact a local contractor, like StateLine Exteriors, to perform an inspection as soon as possible.


If your stucco is developing water stains, spots, or splotches, especially near your windows or doors, it’s usually a sign your exterior is deteriorating. It also indicates that your stucco is harboring moisture beneath the surface, leading to rot, mold growth, or structural damage.


Your stucco can develop cracks for many reasons, including land shifting, poor-quality installation, heavy impacts, and water damage. Unfortunately, when your stucco is cracked or missing, moisture can infiltrate your home’s exterior, leading to more significant damage. Cracks can be thin, or if there is water damage beneath, you may find areas on your exterior that are “bulging.”

Missing Caulking

If you spot shrunken, dried caulking near your doors or windows, you may have water lurking beneath your stucco. If you can feel drafts through the cracks, water can enter too. Typically, dried-up caulking is a side effect of improper installation.

Damaged Flashings

Stucco failure is often due to your previous contractor not fastening your flashings securely or not adding enough flashings to your home. Flashings cover vulnerable areas of your exterior to ensure that moisture stays out so the space between your stucco and interior walls stays dry.

My Home’s Stucco Exterior Seems Fine. What Should I Do?

Stucco is a unique material because even if your exterior has no apparent signs of damage, it can still harbor moisture damage, mold growth, and structural damage underneath. That’s why it’s wise to get a professional inspection even if your stucco home appears to be free of damage. StateLine Exteriors can test your home for moisture, determine if your home is experiencing stucco failure, and guide you toward a reliable solution.

Additionally, keep an eye on your neighborhood. If your neighbors are replacing their stucco exteriors with other modern siding materials and you know your homes were built around the same time, it may be a good idea to have your exterior evaluated for damage.

Rid Your Kansas City Home of Frustrating Stucco Problems Forever with James Hardie Siding from StateLine Exteriors  

Are you currently experiencing stucco failure and hoping to replace your water-soaked exterior with a reliable alternative? Or maybe you’d like to replace your stucco exterior with a water-resistant, fire-resistant, and pest-resistant material to be proactive about preventing underlying damage.

Regardless of your reasons for replacing your stucco exterior, our James Hardie Elite Preferred team at StateLine Exteriors would love to help you transform your home with beautiful, long-lasting fiber cement siding. We’re Kansas City’s #1 James Hardie Contractor, so you can be confident you’ll receive the best installation practices and high-quality care when you work with our local company.

Start learning more about the valuable benefits of James Hardie siding, so you can be confident this material is the best replacement option for your Kansas City home’s stucco exterior.

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