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The Science Behind the HardieZone System for Kansas City Homes

The Kansas City area is no stranger to severe weather. Spring’s high winds and (at times) tornadoes, summer’s blistering heat and humidity, fall rains, and winter snow and ice can all wreak havoc on your home. 

Siding industry leader, James Hardie, developed innovative technology in order to protect your home from the elements 24/7, In fact, their HardieZone System was engineered to combat the climate in your specific area, ensuring your home will stand up to the harsh weather mother nature dishes out.

Read on to learn how James Hardie siding fortifies your home exterior from the elements. 

Safeguard Your Kansas City Home from Severe Weather

Understanding the HardieZone System

Different areas of the country experience weather elements unique to their region, and the Hardie company had enough foresight to develop siding products that would withstand the specific elements of each region. What does that mean for Kansas City area homeowners? Hot, muggy summers, wet autumns, cold, snowy winters, and high winds that emerge in the springtime will not be a threat to your home’s protective layer when you choose James Hardie siding. Why? Because the HardieZone system was made to withstand the specific weather in each region. 

Here’s the breakdown of its qualities: 

Hardie’s HZ5 siding products: This sturdy siding was formulated to resist damage from water in regions of the country (like Kansas City) with extreme seasonal temperature variations and year-round precipitation in the form of either rain, snow, sleet, ice, or hail. Freezing temperatures are no match for this durable siding product. Hardie’s durable HZ5 siding material is available in lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim, and soffits. 

Hardie’s HZ10 siding products: This siding is formulated for high performance in regions of the country that endure intense sunlight, high winds, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Hardie’s HZ10 siding products deliver durability that withstands hurricane-type winds, salty coastal air, and the high humidity of the Deep South. This fortified siding resists cracking, splitting, rotting, and swelling even after exposure to tropical storms, and hot, humid conditions (year after year!). This long-lasting siding is available in lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim, and soffits. 

Get siding that is engineered for your specific climate

The James Hardie company studied how the long-term impact of weather in your area of the United States affects your siding’s performance over time. The result was formulated into siding that addresses the specific weather your region experiences. Kansas City’s humidity, temperature range, rainfall, snow, hail, and ultraviolet exposure were all considered in the engineering of Hardie’s HZ5 product—the perfect match for weather in the Kansas City area. 

Rest at ease knowing your home is well protected from moisture damage

Your home will look fabulous with Hardie siding covering it, and you can have peace of mind knowing it will keep looking great over the years. Hardie’s HZ5 product’s surface is engineered for higher performance, ensuring superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance. Hardie’s drip edge yields better moisture management that protects your home. The result of these specific features means you will bypass the hassles of costly water damage, saving you time and money over the years. 

Enjoy indoor comfort with siding that seals your home

When winter’s cold temperatures plummet, you can relish warmth inside your home when it is covered with Hardie’s HZ5 siding. Your siding will keep the frigid temperatures outside where they belong so you can have cozy comfort indoors. 

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Stop Worrying about Harsh Weather With Hardie Siding

Siding’s tough job of protecting your home from the elements 24/7 means it matters what material you select to cover your most significant investment. When you choose James Hardie siding for your Kansas City home, you can stop getting concerned about how severe weather could impact your exterior. The HardieZone System ensures your siding will perform well in harsh weather. In fact, it was engineered for it!

James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor

At StateLine Exteriors, as an Elite Preferred James Hardie siding contractor, we meet their strict installation requirements, ensuring you’ll get full advantage of their outstanding 30-year warranty. We go the extra mile so the siding materials, workmanship, and finishing touches on your home exterior are well cared for and installed with precision.

Don’t miss out on the James Siding services that are at your fingertips in the Kansas City area. Learn more about how Hardie siding can fortify your home from severe weather while enhancing its beauty.

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