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Styling Your Cape Cod Home with James Hardie Siding

Whether located in New England, where they originated, or right here in the Midwest—Cape Cod homes offer homeowners a unique blend of durability and warmth. This makes them one of the most popular home styles across the United States

If your Cape Cod exterior needs a makeover, you’re likely searching for a sturdy material that can withstand the harsh weather conditions in Kansas City while still offering the inviting curb appeal you’ve come to love. We highly recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding for Cape Cod homeowners in Kansas City—and here’s why!

Why Is Fiber Cement Siding the Best Material for Cape Cod Homes?

Before we jump into the unique ways you can style your Cape Cod home with Hardie siding, here are some reasons this beautiful, durable, low-maintenance exterior material is perfect for Cape Cod homes in Kansas City:

  • Lasting Makeup—Made from a durable blend of cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding is built to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Kansas City, like wind, snow, and rain, for up to 50 years.
  • Beautiful Appeal—With dozens of lasting colors, unique styles, and trendy designs, you’ll add instant curb appeal to your home with new fiber cement siding.
  • Damage Resistance—Fiber cement siding won’t combust when exposed to a flame, cannot be drilled through or digested by pests, and is completely waterproof, so you’ll never have to worry about damage to your gorgeous exterior.
  • Easy Maintenance—Unlike other siding materials, fiber cement siding only needs to be cleaned with a garden hose and soft-bristled brush twice a year, saving you time, money, and hassles on maintenance.
  • Excellent Warranty—When you install your Hardie siding with a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, like StateLine Exteriors, you can enjoy a long-lasting, 30-year warranty and peace of mind about your home.

Which James Hardie Siding Should I Use on My Cape Cod Home?

If you live in a Cape Cod home, it likely follows one of two styles—a traditional colonial appearance or a modern farmhouse look. Here’s some information about each type of Cape Cod home and how you can enhance each style’s best features with Hardie siding.


As we mentioned, traditional Cape Cod homes were designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, like rain, snow, and sleet, in New England. They originally featured a large central chimney, pitched roof, and symmetrical two-room layout, with one room for living and cooking and the other room for sleeping. 

Homes that have maintained a traditional Cape Cod style still have a symmetrical layout and pitched roof. Now, they may include additional wings on the side or back of the house to accommodate more people, dormers, and a chimney on the roof’s side rather than the center. 

Cape Cod homes were traditionally covered in natural wood since it was a readily available resource in New England. Most Cape Cod homes used shingle siding in colonial times, so if you want to maintain this classic look—HardieShingle siding is the way to go.

Our Style Recommendation

HardieShingle comes in two styles with an authentic wood grain finish—Straight Edge Panel and Staggered Edge Panel. We recommend using straight-edge shingles to add refinement to your Cape Cod home, and the staggered edge if you’d like to give off an inviting, laid-back flair.

Choose a neutral color from James Hardie’s Statement Collection, like Cobble Stone, Navajo Beige, or Timber Bark, to truly encompass the natural look of a traditional Cape Cod home.


Cape Cod houses with a traditional look have evolved to accommodate the modern family. However, many homeowners have taken creative liberties and adopted contemporary features and elements of other styles, like the modern farmhouse, to create a one-of-a-kind look for their Cape Cod homes

Homeowners with a modern Cape Cod style may widen dormers to create more seating space or replace shutters with decorative trim to reduce maintenance. They may also add additional wings to their home to create a garage or extra living room or incorporate practical, functional features you would find in a farmhouse, like a mud room

Homeowners living in Cape Cod houses with a modern flair may feel more comfortable shying away from shingle siding and adopting exterior features that give their property a farmhouse feel, like lap siding

Our Style Recommendation

HardiePlank lap siding comes in several styles, but we recommend using Select Cedarmill or Beaded Cedarmill with a woodgrain finish (as opposed to a smooth finish) to cover most of your Cape Cod home’s exterior. You can even use shingle siding to adorn your dormers or other small details if you’d like. 

Instead of earthy shades, consider choosing a siding color that’s still neutral but more eye-catching from the James Hardie Statement Collection. We love Boothbay Blue, Aged Pewter, or Pearl Gray for a modern Cape Cod home with farmhouse flair.

Style Your Kansas City Cape Cod Home with StateLine Exteriors

If you still need further inspiration for styling your Cape Cod home with Hardie fiber cement siding, our team at StateLine Exteriors would love to help! We install many styles, including shingle and lap siding, in hundreds of lasting colors you can use to customize your home.

Learn more about our Hardie siding services to discover why Kansas City homeowners love installing beautiful, durable Hardie siding with StateLine Exteriors.

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