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Stucco Remediation vs. Siding Replacement: Which to Choose

Is your stucco exterior showing the tell-tale signs of stucco failure, such as discoloration, cracking, missing flashings, and more? If so, you’re likely on the hunt for a solution that will fix your stucco’s underlying problems, like mold growth and water damage, for good.

There are plenty of options to restore your home to a beautiful, protected state, but only one will keep your exterior safe, dry, and beautiful for decades to come. Discover why replacing your stucco with durable siding, compared to stucco repair and remediation, is the ultimate solution for stucco failure.

What Is Stucco Repair?

Stucco repair describes the process of fixing the surface damage on your stucco exterior, like filling in cracks and holes. Stucco repair is quick and inexpensive—however, it’s not nearly as effective as other methods.

Stucco failure is usually a sign of significant underlying damage beneath your exterior, like mold growth, rotting, moisture penetration, and structural deterioration. In situations like these, it’s unhelpful to fix the cosmetic surface of your exterior. The troublesome problems you’re covering up will continue to fester until the walls, doors, windows, structural pieces, and other elements of your home must be repaired or replaced.

What Is Stucco Remediation?

Unlike stucco repair, stucco remediation describes the process of completely repairing and replacing your home’s exterior—including the underlying damage beneath, like moisture penetration or structural deterioration. Although it’s more costly and time-consuming than stucco repair, stucco remediation offers a solution that lasts longer than a quick fix.

Steps in the Stucco Remediation Process

Though it can be time-consuming, stucco remediation is a straightforward process. Contractors typically follow these steps:

1. Remove Old Materials

The old stucco, nails, wires, and other exterior materials are completely removed. Damaged plywood and sheathing beneath your exterior are also removed.

2. Make Repairs

Structural repairs are made (if needed), mold and mildew are removed from your interior walls, and any rotted materials are removed and replaced.

3. Remove Windows & Doors

Windows and doors often experience the brunt of the damage from stucco failure, so they are removed, repaired, and reinstalled with proper flashing to prevent future damage.

4. Install New Material

Stucco layers will be reapplied to your exterior with modern materials and techniques to prevent cracking and moisture penetration in the future.

Why Replace Your Stucco Exterior with a Durable Siding Solution?

Rather than simply investing in stucco remediation, it’s wise to go one step further to protect your home from future damage. Even after stucco remediation is performed, your home’s exterior is still susceptible to the same problems as before, like cracking, which can lead to moisture penetration and the host of frustrating issues that come with it. That’s why it’s much better to say goodbye to stucco forever and invest in a reliable siding solution.

Durable siding products, like fiber cement, are completely waterproof and can hold their own against rain, wind, hail, and snowstorms. Stucco is a high-maintenance exterior material prone to several costly problems, but fiber cement siding is the complete opposite. Once your new siding is installed, you only need to clean it twice a year, and you’ll never deal with cracks, fading, pest intrusions, and other frustrating problems you experience with your stucco.

And if the thought of giving up the warm, inviting appearance of your stucco exterior makes you hesitant to replace it with another type of siding—don’t worry! James Hardie® offers fiber cement materials that mimic stucco’s stunning look and feel, so you don’t have to sacrifice the appearance you love for a durable, long-lasting siding solution.

Find the Perfect Siding Material to Replace Your Stucco with StateLine Exteriors

Whether you’re already feeling the effects of stucco failure and want to invest in a reliable solution, or you’re trying to dodge the negative effects of damaged stucco with a proactive approach, our team at StateLine Exteriors can help.

We offer expert siding installation services with materials from top-quality brands, like James Hardie and Versetta Stone®, to ensure you can enjoy an exterior that’s beautiful, durable, long-lasting, and able to improve the value of your Kansas City home.

Learn more about our siding services to discover the styles, colors, and finishes available for your upcoming siding installation.

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