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Why James Hardie Siding Is the Best Choice for Your Kansas City Home

Kansas City weather can be tough on home exteriors and erode siding, creating unsightly cracks, chips, and even moisture damage. When the protective layer of your home is compromised, trouble can spread swiftly. Avoid the hassles of a declining look to your home exterior, possible water damage, and potential wood rot. Instead of siding hassles, invest in the best siding in America: James Hardie siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Stands the Test of Time—and the Elements!

Since Kansas City summers are hot and muggy, and the winters are cold and wet, there are plenty of opportunities to negatively impact a home’s siding. When it comes to protecting your home’s exterior, the pros at StateLine Exteriors agree that James Hardie siding’s proven track record of delivering outstanding, durable quality for homeowners nationwide makes the siding replacement choice easy.

When gathering facts to make the right choice in siding, begin by examining the experts in fiber cement siding products: James Hardie. In a nutshell, this amazing siding offers:

  • Multiple styles
  • Attractive color options
  • Outstanding resilience
  • Climate specific engineering
  • One of the best warranties in the industry

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Climate-Specific Siding that Performs Year After Year

The performance of James Hardie siding is unmatched, due to its amazing makeup and its engineering relative to the climate in which it is used. The genius of climate-specific James Hardie siding leaves homeowners happy with their siding for years to come. Structurally, siding is a vital part of the wall assembly of your home. Aesthetically, it’s the first thing you see from the curb—so it affects your home’s appearance and resale value.

North America’s Favorite Siding Product

James Hardie siding has been used on over 8 million homes in North America alone. More than 18 billion square-feet of this remarkable siding product has been installed. The future is bright as the James Hardie company builds on their foundation of success with creative and beautiful solutions for today’s homeowners as seen in The Aspyre Collection.

James Hardie’s Aspyre Collection—Style Options from Traditional to Contemporary

The Aspyre Collection combines the thick, distinctive shapes of Artisan siding with the smooth geometric Reveal® Panel System. From traditional to modern and contemporary looks, the Aspyre Collection offers diverse options to today’s homeowners. The aesthetically pleasing Aspyre Collection’s varied textures give designers unique style alternatives to satisfy even the most definite taste.

Architects and builders are able to create artistically impressive beauty with this new James Hardie siding line. Homeowners love expressing their sense of style by incorporating this visually pleasing fiber cement product line in their home remodeling plans or their design plans for a custom built home.

Reasons James Hardie Siding Is the Best Siding Product for Kansas City Homes

Your Kansas City home faces weather elements throughout the year, so it’s vital to protect and fortify it with quality siding that will shield it from the elements, preserving its beauty for years to come.

1. High-class performance

Weather tests the durability of a home’s siding throughout the year. Your siding, along with proper installation, helps your home hold up during extreme heat or cold. It also resists deteriorating from the impact of hail and windblown debris, moisture damage and rotting, unattractive warping, and the abrupt change of seasons.

James Hardie siding is resistant to harsh elements such as excessive rain, droughts, snow, and ice storms. When homeowners choose James Hardie siding products, they get long-lasting value from their investment.

2. Exceptional curb appeal

Homeowners who love eye-catching curb appeal love the beauty of James Hardie siding, and particularly the newest line—The Aspyre Collection. The wide variety of color options and styles caters to all types of style preferences.

3. Enduring color

The extra benefit of James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology offers homeowners baked-on color that resists fading, keeping your siding looking amazing with minimal maintenance. With ColorPlus technology, there is no need to repaint, giving you the benefit of a low maintenance exterior.

4. Unmatched fire resistance

Unlike wood or vinyl siding, James Hardie siding is resistant to flames and damaging heat, so it doesn’t contribute to fueling a fire. Many insurance companies offer a discount to homeowners with James Hardie siding because it is non-combustible.

5. Climate-specific engineering

The James Hardie company studied the long-term effects various climates have on siding. The result of their research brought about the creation of the HardieZone system, which ensures you get the optimal product for your specific climate. HZ5 products primarily resist wet, below-freezing weather conditions. HZ10 products mainly protect homes from heat, humidity, and the harsh effects of the sun.

James Hardie HZ5 products are made to meet the needs of the particular climate demands of Kansas City. It looks fabulous for decades, saving you time and money because it doesn’t need to be repaired and replaced like other siding options. The initial investment pays off for decades due to its durable makeup.

6. Easy maintenance

Every 6–12 months, simply bring out your hose and rinse your new James Hardie siding. A regular, low-pressure garden hose and nonmetal, soft or medium bristle brush will remove dirt and grime from your siding and trim.

7. Pest resistant

Unlike wood siding—which birds can peck at and insects may damage—James Hardie fiber cement siding is engineered to be unappealing to pests, including termites. Avoid the hassle of pest infestation by investing in these trusted siding products.

8. Unrivaled warranty

James Hardie Siding is the number one brand of fiber cement siding on the market and offers the best warranty in the industry.

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