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Lap Siding Is the Perfect Style for Your Kansas City Home

Spruce Up Your Home with New Siding

When siding gets old and outdated, it can hinder your home’s curb appeal. Get gorgeous new siding for your Kansas City home and enjoy coming home to beauty. Popular lap siding gives your home a classic, stylish look.

What Is Lap Siding?

Lap siding is made of long boards that overlap each other—which is where it got its name: lap siding. This timeless-looking siding is available in a variety of materials including our favorite, James Hardie fiber cement—the most durable siding material on the market. Lap siding is made up of horizontal planks and comes in two style choices:

  • Traditional Lap Siding—This classic option is made of flat, narrow boards that are curved on the bottom, which creates a distinct shadowing effect.
  • Beaded Lap Siding—This beautiful option has a thicker bead at the bottom of each piece and delivers a smooth finish inspired by coastal homes.

Lap siding is also known as horizontal siding, traditional siding, and clapboard siding. It’s the most cost-effective siding style in the industry because it is so popular. Siding cost is also based on your siding material choice.

Why Homeowners Prefer HardiePlank Lap Siding

Lap siding is the perfect style option for Kansas City homes. Cape Cod, Craftsman, and Ranch style homes look fabulous with this gorgeous, timeless siding. The James Hardie company delivers durable siding styles that last. HardiePlank lap siding is the most popular siding product in America. Homeowners love its outstanding advantages.

The Benefits of James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding

HardiePlank lap siding is enjoyed by homeowners for a host of reasons:

1. Beautiful

HardiePlank gives your home an aesthetically pleasing look you’ll love coming home to. Take a look at the James Hardie Visualizer to see what your home will look like.

2. Easy to Clean

HardiePlank is simple to clean. Just wash it with a garden hose and a medium bristle nylon brush a couple of times a year, and it will keep looking gorgeous for decades.

3. Durable

The strong makeup of fiber cement makes HardiePlank siding last. Cement, sand, and cellulose combine to make this long-lasting siding product. It lasts up to 50 years with proper installation and upkeep.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable fiber cement lap siding is a greener choice than vinyl and other siding types.

5. Customizable Color

Find the perfect color combination for your home exterior with James Hardie ColorPlus technology. This factory baked-on color is warrantied for up to 15 years. It’s fade-resistant and UV resistant, so it will keep looking fabulous over the years.

6. Pest Resistant

Avoid the trouble and damage termites, stink bugs, and carpenter ants can cause to some siding materials. HardiePlank resists pests, saving you the hassles involved with an infestation, and the moisture penetration that occurs once a home exterior has been compromised.

7. Woodpecker Resistant

James Hardie siding resists woodpeckers. You won’t have to take time and money fixing woodpecker damage (which often occurs with wood siding).

8. Energy-Efficient

Save on your utility bills after you have HardiePlank lap siding installed on your home. This thick siding product insulates your home, keeping extreme temperatures outside and comfort inside your home.

9. 30-Year Warranty

The James Hardie company provides a fabulous warranty for homeowners who have their HardiePlank installed by a James Hardie Contractor. This elite distinction ensures your siding will be installed correctly the first time and will perform for years to come as it was designed to. The 30-year warranty is transferable in case you sell your home, and it’s non-prorated. Get peace of mind in your siding installation with this outstanding warranty coverage.

10. Weather Resistant

HardiePlank stands up well to Kansas City weather. Engineered for our specific climate, it was made to withstand high winds and extreme temperatures, the change of seasons, and more. The HardieZone system literally identified the primary weather-related issues in your “zone” of the country, and engineered a siding product that will stand up to Kansas City weather. Amazing!

11. Third-Party Tested

HardiePlank went through the Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s testing and earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This mark of quality was granted after rigorous evaluation.

12. Fire Resistant

HardiePlank lap siding is not combustible, so it won’t contribute to a fire. It is heat resistant, so you are well protected with this outstanding siding. Insurance companies often give a discount when homeowners have this protective siding installed.

13. Excellent Quality

The James Hardie company is committed to the highest level of product quality and has the consumer’s needs and interest in mind. James Hardie fiber cement is a popular siding material you can rely on for decades.

Get Precision Siding Installation with Stateline Exteriors

Don’t settle for an inferior siding contractor. Get premium James Hardie siding and precision installation with Stateline Exteriors. We understand how frustrating it can feel to need new siding. The wide array of options can seem overwhelming to sift through.

At Stateline Exteriors, we guide you through siding options so you can decide what will make your home look amazing. As a James Hardie Contractor, we install siding using the high standards set by the James Hardie company, so you can rest at ease knowing your siding was installed properly. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners to give them a home they feel proud of again.

Learn more about James Hardie Siding products so you can choose the best fit for your home. For more advice, enjoy a free consultation.

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