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James Hardie Siding Colors vs. Painting Primed Hardie Siding

Faded siding can leave a home looking drab and outdated. When it’s time to reside your home, material choice, style selection, installation professionals, and color combine to give you the best overall look and performance for your home exterior. James Hardie fiber cement siding protects and beautifies over 8,000,000 homes in America, and for good reason. Its customization options, durability, warranty, and high performance are some of the siding features homeowners love.

Color brings your home exterior to life and accents its architectural features and style. Make your home stand out with gorgeous color that expresses your sense of style. Enjoy lasting, fade-resistant James Hardie siding color.

James Hardie Board Siding Color Options

When it comes to color application, James Hardie fiber cement siding comes with two primary options.

1. ColorPlus Technology

This baked-on finish outlasts primed, custom painted siding consistently. Its gorgeous, uniform look is achieved by the multiple baked-on layers of paint in optimal factory conditions. The result of this detailed process keeps homeowners happy for years to come with the look of their siding. When you choose ColorPlus Technology, you get gorgeous color and more.

Color that Keeps

Get lasting color with James Hardie siding. The baked-on color maximizes adhesion and eliminates chipping and peeling for an enduring finish.

Outstanding UV Resistance

Many homeowners have their exterior painted and it starts out one color, and then changes to a duller color due to the fading that occurs with daily sun exposure. But James Hardie gives you a durable paint finish that resists fading. Your gorgeous color stays vibrant due to the built-in UV resistance.

Uniform Color Application

Some home exteriors are painted after siding is replaced, and uneven paint application results. But Hardie siding colors are applied in their controlled factory setting with all the best conditions, and comes out with precision uniformity and color so you don’t have to worry about poor looking or uneven siding color.

Beautiful Color Options

Many homeowners aren’t sure where to start when it comes to which color to choose for their siding replacement. The James Hardie company literally hired color experts to design complementary color selections that look amazing on home exteriors. These exquisite choices give you confidence you’re getting the best hues for your dwelling’s style, architecture, and overall look. You’ll accent your home’s best features, and love the look of your home with these attractive combinations.

Exceptional Warranty

When people paint their own home exterior, there’s no warranty whatsoever to ensure the paint will last. You could end up with cracks, chips, and costly moisture damage from a DIY home exterior paint job. But James Hardie ColorPlus Technology comes with a 15-year warranty that covers paint and labor. The ColorPlus finish is so strong that the company covers peeling, cracking, and chipping, giving you confidence in your investment.

Long-Term Performance

When homeowners paint their home exterior themselves, they aren’t generally as thorough as you may think. But the James Hardie company’s baked-on color is applied in multiple coats at the factory, and cured between coats to ensure it stands the test of time. The James Hardie company applies 50% more paint than the average house painter uses when painting a home exterior, and reliable long-term performance results.

Low Maintenance

When siding is manually painted, it may experience chips and cracks over time, leaving you with time-consuming repairs or repainting jobs to do on your home exterior. But ColorPlus technology gives you a reliable, enduring paint finish that lasts. It’s guaranteed not to chip, flake, or crack, so you can enjoy the fact that you don’t have to maintain it like other paint jobs.

Simplify Installation Time

If siding is painted after installation, it adds to the timeframe of your exterior remodel. Weather can slow down the process and interrupt the completion of your project, leaving you frustrated. But James Hardie ColorPlus Technology gives you gorgeous color upon arrival at your home. The boards are already the color you chose, and simply need to be installed to complete your remodeling project. The baked-on color is unmatched by home paint jobs, and installation is streamlined because your finish is applied with great skill at the factory.

Environmentally Friendly

When homes are painted onsite, unhealthy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted into the air. But James Hardie ColorPlus Technology is a greener solution due to the in-factory painting process and durable results. The outcome of baked-on color is that you don’t need to repaint as soon, decreasing the VOCs.

Outstanding Curb Appeal

When it comes to finishing touches, the details make the difference. And with ColorPlus Technology, your home has a finished look. The outstanding paint coverage, fade-resistance, and color selection combine to make your home stand out and look gorgeous.

2. Pre-Primed siding

James Hardie offers a factory primed siding for homeowners. With pre-primed siding, you can choose from any color available at your local paint store, and have your home painted after your new siding is installed. The hassle of painting after installation adds to the time it takes to complete your siding project, and you miss the valuable 15-year warranty that comes on ColorPlus factory painted siding.

The choice is yours, but we highly recommend ColorPlus Technology for the finest finish of your home exterior.

Expert Hardie Board Siding Installation

Too many homeowners aren’t satisfied with the look of their dwelling. At Stateline Exteriors, we help homeowners transform their dwelling to fit their personal style, making their home exterior as inviting as the interior.

We are committed to the installation practices, customer service, and work reliability standards of the James Hardie company, guaranteeing your full coverage on their outstanding warranty. Contact us today to schedule your consultation, and be on your way to a beautiful home exterior that stands the test of time.

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