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Is Professional Window Installation Worth the Cost?

You may be considering a window replacement if you’re interested in boosting your Kansas City home’s curb appeal and reducing your energy bills

If you’re like most homeowners, your biggest reservation about investing in replacement windows is the price—and you’ve probably contemplated installing your new windows by yourself a time or two to save money on labor costs. 

Unfortunately, even windows installed by a self-proclaimed “handyman” can suffer costly premature damage. Keep reading to learn why hiring a professional contractor to complete your window installation can save you time and money down the road.

Frustrating Problems You May Experience When Installing Your Own Windows

Limited Selection

When you purchase your windows at a home improvement store, like Home Depot or Lowes, you won’t have access to the high-quality brands, materials, and styles you could choose from when working with a local Kansas City window contractor.

Contractors install professional-grade windows that tend to be more energy-efficient, weatherproof, and customizable when compared to generic window products.

Faulty Measurements

Window measurements must be exact to ensure your window securely fits within your frame. Though a few inches may seem insignificant, they can determine the difference between a weathertight, energy-efficient, easy-to-operate system and a sticky, leaky window. 

If you’re not professionally trained to measure windows, it’s best to leave this task to the professionals to ensure your windows are a perfect fit!

Improper Installation

Windows are a significant investment. Naturally, you’d want them to enhance your home’s appearance, reduce your utility bills, and keep your home warm and dry—all benefits you risk when installing your own windows. 

Window installation offers its own set of challenges that are best handled by a certified contractor—even if you’re extremely handy! Foggy windows, drafts, moisture problems, and sticking windows are just a few common window problems that can be avoided by using a professional.

When your windows are installed by a professional, you can be confident your windows will perform as promised. You won’t be bothered with water leaks, seal failure, or other frustrating problems from faulty installation in the future.

Voided Warranty

Many manufacturers require a certified contractor to install your windows before awarding you a product warranty. Unfortunately, completing your own window installation will immediately void your potential warranty.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Contractor to Install Your Replacement Windows

High-Quality Brands

When you work with a professional contractor to install your windows, you can choose from top-rated brands, like ProVia® vinyl windows and Marvin® fiberglass windows.

StateLine Exteriors installs durable, low-maintenance windows in dozens of colors and styles from these popular manufacturers to help you find the perfect windows for your home.

Excellent Warranties

Did you know professional contractors are required to be trained, licensed, and certified before completing your window replacement?

Additionally, most window manufacturers only award warranties to homeowners who have their products installed by a professional contractor. In the rare case that something goes wrong with your windows after they are installed, you can be confident your contractor will be able to take care of any issues!

Complete Makeover

Would you like to replace your single-hung windows with double-hung windows to make cleaning easier? Or maybe you’d like to replace two smaller windows with one large picture window for more expansive views of your beautiful backyard.

When you work with a professional contractor, you can change the style, configuration, and size of your windows in specialized ways you wouldn’t be able to do if you were completing the project on your own.

Installation Experience

Finally, most professional contractors have years of experience replacing and installing windows. They know precisely what types of underlying damage to look for, like water damage and rotting, and how to fix it before your new windows are installed. 

Additionally, window contractors are up-to-date on the latest installation techniques, window styles, and modern technology. They can use their knowledge to help you choose windows that offer the greatest functionality for your budget.

Invest in Professionally-Installed Replacement Windows with StateLine Exteriors

We know you want your replacement windows to last for decades to come—and the best way to ensure your windows are durable and long-lasting is to have them installed by a professional. 

StateLine Exteriors has helped to give hundreds of Kansas City homeowners a home exterior that will stand the test of time. We always go the extra mile during your installation to ensure you’re delighted with your stylish, energy-efficient replacement windows. Learn more about the styles, brands, and benefits available to you when working with us for your window replacement.

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