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How to Prevent Wood Rot on Home Siding

Wood rot is a major issue for siding in the Kansas City area due to the climate. It’s important to learn what causes it and how to prevent it from the pros at StateLine Exteriors.

What Causes Wood Rot?

Wood siding panels are particularly prone to rotting. Other siding shows signs of wood rot due to deferred maintenance such as waiting too long between paint jobs on your home exterior.

Board-and-Batten siding can sometimes exhibit wood rot if moisture gets trapped between the boards and can’t escape.

If your home has bushes or other landscaping that makes contact with your home siding, the shade and proximity of the landscaping can trap moisture against your home siding. Typically, the bottom edge of the siding stays saturated and begins to rot over time. To prevent this, simply make sure your bushes and landscaping are trimmed back away from your home so adequate airflow can help prevent moisture penetration.

Some lap sidings rot at the edges or at butt joints. If joints are caulked, it can prevent wood rot and the hassles rot involves.

Trim on Kansas City homes can experience wood rot because the home wasn’t painted in 15 or more years and wood was exposed to the elements. Moisture penetrates wood and leads to wood rot. To prevent wood rot on your home trim, simply prime and paint it regularly, and use caulking as needed.

Wood rot is often found on old wooden windows, causing the need for them to be replaced. It occurs typically due to deferred maintenance. If the wood gets wet and stays wet, over time wood rot can occur. Windowsill noses are particularly susceptible because water doesn’t run off of them easily, and moisture can sit on their surface for long periods of time.

Soffits and fascia tend to rot primarily due to gutter issues. When gutters leak at a joint or a corner, they tend to rot the fascia board/soffit in the area.

When These Four Conditions Exist Together — Wood Rot Results

In order for wood rot to occur, here are the four things that need to be present:

  • Wood
  • Oxygen
  • Warmth
  • Water

Fungi that are constantly in the air cause wood to rot when the above four conditions are present. The rot will continue to grow as conditions remain favorable.

Prevent Wood Rot with James Hardie Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding resists moisture penetration, saving you the hassles involved in repairs due to wood rot, swelling, or warping.

James Hardie fiber cement siding protects over 8 million homes in America. Hardie Board siding is not a wood product and will not incur wood rot. Its durable makeup of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers create a long-lasting siding you can rely on. Due to fiber cement’s makeup and curing process, it resists moisture and wood rot so you can avoid the hassle of repairing or replacing damaged siding and bypass the costly expense of unsightly wood rot, mold, mildew, and other types of moisture penetration problems.

Hardie Board siding also stands up to high winds, severe storms, and even hail damage. James Hardie siding is engineered for climate. It is formulated specifically for your geographical region, with the needed protection relative to your specific weather. Get the optimal siding and trim products from James Hardie’s HardieZone system. The HZ5 product is ideal for the Kansas City Metro area

Want to know more about Hardie board siding?

Check out our “Ultimate Hardie Board and Fiber Cement Siding Guide”

The Durability and Longevity of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding is so well-made that it lasts up to 50 years. It only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year with a garden hose and a nonmetal medium bristle nylon brush to remove any dirt from your siding. It only needs to be repainted every 15 years, and maintains its beauty with extremely low maintenance.

Hardie Board siding is rated noncombustible and will not contribute to fueling a fire in your home. It resists both heat damage and fires. Various insurance companies offer a discount due to this outstanding feature.

The durability of James Hardie siding includes pest resistance. You can avoid major damage termites and other insects create by simply installing James Hardie siding. Avoid compromising your home’s protective layer by investing in reliable Hardie Board siding.

James Hardie siding outperforms its competitors: vinyl and wood. It is also known as HardiePlank lap siding, HardieShingle siding, HardiePanel vertical siding, HardieTrim boards, HardieSoffit pre cut panels, Aspyre by James Hardie, HardieWrap Weather Barrier, and HardieBacker Cement Board.

Other siding companies may decrease their warranty coverage on their products as the years go by after installation, but not the James Hardie company. The James Hardie company provides an outstanding 30-year non-prorated warranty that is also transferable. Additionally, James Hardie’s color plus technology is warranted against peeling, chipping, and cracking for 15 years—including labor and materials.

How to Prevent Wood Rot

  • Caulk your home exterior properly. Caulking helps prevent water from penetrating siding and therefore thwarts wood rot behind the siding.
  • Install James Hardie siding. Hardie Board siding resists wood rot and will save you the hassles of moisture penetration.
  • Have your siding installed professionally. Prevent wood rot issues by hiring a James Hardie Preferred contractor to install your siding.
  • Stay up to date on home maintenance. Inspect your home exterior at least twice a year as well as after severe storms. Don’t procrastinate home exterior maintenance, or problems could get worse and more costly. If you see wood on your home exterior become exposed, if your caulking starts to crack, or your paint begins to peel, it is wise to promptly fix the problems to avoid wood rot.
  • Keep gutters in good condition. If your gutters begin to leak, fix them promptly so your fascia doesn’t experience wood rot.

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