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How to Prepare Your Home for a Siding Replacement

Most homeowners only need to replace their siding once or twice in their lifetime. While its installation is important, that’s not the only part of the process. Preparing for your new siding replacement can make its installation go smoother for you, the crew you hire, and even your pets. Here are 8 practical tips to help you get ready for your home’s siding installation.  

How to Prepare Your Home for Siding Replacement

Protect your home and your property with these easy steps: 

1. Tidy Up Your Yard

Get out your lawn mower and landscaping equipment, and make your yard pristine. Why? It’s a realistic way to get your exterior ready for new siding. Trim back your bushes and trees so they don’t come into contact with your home exterior. This makes it easy for the installation crew to get to your current siding, remove it, and fit your home’s new protective layer in place. It will also keep your new siding from being scratched. 

Cover your flower beds and shrubbery that border your home’s perimeter with a tarp while the siding crew is working on your exterior. This will keep debris from harming your landscaping. 

Cut your lawn super short so the siding crew can easily find any nails or debris that may have landed in your lawn during installation. 

2. Clear Your Driveway

The siding contractor will have a dumpster placed in your driveway so your current siding can be disposed of properly. Clear your driveway of all toys, decorative planters, vehicles, and clutter so the siding crew has the space they need to get to the dumpster easily. It’s best to park your car down the street so you have access to it should you need to go anywhere during your siding installation

3. Make Plans for Your Pets

Siding installation is pretty noisy, which could be too much for dogs and cats. While keeping them indoors is a reasonable solution, it may be best to find them a place to stay during the siding team’s installation hours at your home. 

4. Take Children on an Outing

If you have young children at home, make plans to get them out to a friend or family member’s home during your siding installation. The sound alone could be quite disruptive to their schedule, so finding something meaningful to do away from home is a great idea while you get new siding. 

5. If You Work Remotely, Relocate During Siding Installation

It can be quite disruptive to your work day to try to concentrate while your home exterior is being renovated. Go to the library, or grab a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop and camp out for the day while your siding is being replaced. 

6. Protect Fragile Items Inside Your Home

Believe it or not, siding replacement can cause your walls to vibrate a bit. Safeguard your heirlooms, fragile items, and wall hangings by removing them and stowing them in a secure location while your siding is installed. 

7. Temporarily Move Outdoor Furniture

Any furniture that is in proximity to your exterior should be temporarily stowed away in your garage or moved to a remote corner of your yard where it won’t get damaged by siding replacement. It’s not only good to move furnishings to protect them; it’s also helpful to give the siding crew a straight shot to your home. Don’t make them feel like they need to navigate an obstacle course to get to your exterior. Put all toys and outdoor clutter in the garage while your renovation is going on. 

8. Communicate with Your Contractor

Prior to your siding installation, touch base with your contractor to ask when you should expect the crew to come and go daily, and review your start and end date for installation. 

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