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How to Choose Between Double Hung & Casement Windows

When deciding between casement and double-hung windows, you really can’t go wrong with either. But with careful examination of the features of each, the top choice for your needs will be clear. 

Whether you’re looking for replacement windows or options for your new construction, it’s essential to discover the pros and cons of these window styles so you can make a decision with confidence. 

Read on to learn about the contrast between the two: 

Beautiful double hung windows in a home.

Double-Hung Windows

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Casement Windows

Choosing Between Casement Windows and Double-Hung Windows

How the windows open

Casement Windows: These windows swing outward (horizontally) from your home. They are hinged like a door and open with an easy-to-use crank. Casement windows are ideal for elderly or disabled homeowners who have trouble lifting double-hung window sashes.

Double-Hung Windows: These classic-looking windows slide vertically. They have two sashes (glass windowpane units)—an upper and a lower one. The top sash slides down, and the bottom sash slides up. The sashes must be lifted by hand. 

Safety Considerations

Casement Windows: An interior latch (lever) must be engaged to ensure the window shuts entirely. 

Double-Hung Windows: These windows provide a built-in safety feature for children and pets. You can leave the lower sash closed and open the upper sash to prevent accidents. 


Casement Windows: Because casement windows open outward, they catch the wind and provide abundant ventilation to your home interior. 

Double-Hung Windows: Double-hung windows provide generous air circulation because the top sash can be lowered, allowing warm air to exit your home—while the bottom sash is raised, allowing cool air outside to enter your home. (Single-hung windows offer limited ventilation because they only have one movable sash.)


Casement Windows: These are more difficult to clean than double-hung windows because they don’t offer a tilt-in feature. If you live in a one-story house, you can clean the outside of these windows easily as long as there is enough space between your landscaping and your home. You will need to take safety precautions while using a ladder to clean the outside of any casement windows on the second floor. 

Double-Hung Windows: These windows are easy to clean (inside and out) from the comfort of your home. Their tilt-in feature means you won’t have to take the risk some homeowners do when they climb a ladder to wash the outside of their second-floor windows. 

Where They Work Best 

Casement Windows: One of the best places to install casement windows is in hard-to-reach spaces that would be awkward to open a double-hung window—like above your kitchen sink or in a small bathroom. These also look amazing in living spaces. Since they deliver more “glass real estate,” they offer fabulous, unobstructed views of the outdoors. 

Double-Hung Windows: This window style can be used throughout a home; it works well for the classic curb appeal of traditional homes. 

What Types of Homes They Complement Well 

Casement Windows: These contemporary windows work perfectly in modern homes, but they can also be used in various home styles.

Double-Hung Windows: These classic windows work in a wide variety of home styles from cottage-style homes to traditional and historic homes.  


Casement Windows: This window style delivers a contemporary, clean look. Their simple lines complement modern homes perfectly. When it comes to casement windows, no dividers break up the glass pane, giving you better views. 

Double-Hung Windows: This popular window style offers a traditional aesthetic. There is a horizontal divider between the sashes dividing your views. 

Screen Location

Casement Windows: The screen is located on the inside of casement windows. 

Double-Hung Windows: The screen is fixed outside double-hung windows. 

Durability and Longevity

Casement Windows: The crank mechanism can fail over time and require replacement. 

Double-Hung Windows: These windows are designed with very few parts, deliver low maintenance, and have little need for repairs over their lifespan. Their simplistic design makes them a low risk for any type of mechanical failure. When these windows age, the lower sash may have trouble staying up when it is opened. 

Final Considerations on Replacement Windows 

When choosing new windows, consider which will best complement your home’s architecture, where the windows will be located, and what fits your style best.  

Learn more about how our window services can enhance your daily life with fresh breezes, energy savings, and beauty. Our experienced team at StateLine Exteriors is eager to serve you.

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