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Get the Perfect Finish for Your Home with HardieTrim

The final touch on your home exterior can make all the difference, and HardieTrim® delivers when it comes to making a design statement. This durable fiber cement trim not only radiates style, but also withstands the elements with ease.

Unlike wood trim that can suffer wood rot, warping, and attract insects, HardieTrim provides the same durable, high performance that Hardie siding brings to your home exterior. Lasting up to 50 years when installed professionally and maintained well, HardieTrim gives your home the finishing touch that will make it stand out.

The Problem with Wood Trim

When wood siding and trim face humidity and precipitation, they absorb and retain water. Wood rot, mold and mildew result, leaving you with costly repairs. Wood is porous and that’s why it holds damaging moisture. When wood, oxygen, warmth, and water come together, fungi that are constantly in the air cause it to rot. Unfortunately, rot continues to grow over time if left unaddressed.

The Trouble with Insulated Vinyl

Insulated vinyl siding may offer homeowners a siding solution that saves on energy use, but realize it comes with some unpleasant drawbacks:

  • It expands and contracts
  • It tends to leak
  • It can be pricey

While wood and vinyl have a variety of downsides, Hardie siding and trim offer you lasting benefits.

The Beauty of HardieTrim

HardieTrim gives your home a polished look and significantly boosts its overall beauty. Durable, long lasting trim helps you accentuate the details of your home exterior. It enhances your home’s color palette and gives it visual texture. Make your home shine by choosing the perfect style for both your siding and trim.

HardieTrim is made of a proprietary blend of ingredients that create a durable trim you can enjoy for decades. Cement, sand, and cellulose fibers make up the gorgeous trim by the James Hardie company. It adds style to your home and can be installed around your doors, windows, and home exterior accents.

Get the Popular Board-and-Batten Look for Your Home Exterior

The rustic chic Farmhouse look is in style, and it is easily accomplished by using HardiePanel® vertical siding (boards) and HardieTrim strips (battens). Enjoy the genuine look of wood siding without its high maintenance as you achieve the popular board-and-batten look.

Add Style to Your Doors and Windows with HardieTrim

Choose a high contrast color for your door and window trim. Go with a monochromatic color scheme or match your door and window trim to your siding’s color to add visual texture.

Give Your Roof Eaves a Finished Look

Install HardieTrim boards over sub-fascia to give your roof and eaves a finished look. Choose a design that channels water away from the face of the fascia and into your gutters so it can drain away from your home.

Get Pre-Painted Protection

HardieTrim comes with a factory baked-on color that lasts. Enjoy fade resistant, UV resistant finish along with a 15-year warranty for your protection. Skip the hassles of repainting wood trim every 4-8 years by installing HardieTrim with ColorPlus® technology. Choose from designer-picked color combinations that will bring out the best in your home. Boost your resale value with gorgeous color on your HardieTrim.

Enjoy Durable Material

HardieTrim is made of the same durable material Hardie siding is composed of. This resilient combination lasts up to 50 years and resists moisture penetration. Avoid the costly hassles of wood rot, mold and mildew by choosing durable HardieTrim. Get a 30-year warranty on your HardieTrim to give you peace of mind that your home is well protected. Enjoy the look of wood trim without the tedious maintenance wood requires.

Express Your Style

There are endless design possibilities when it comes to Hardie siding and trim. Hardie styles, colors, textures, and various widths bring your dreams to life.

Choose Eco-Friendly Siding and Trim

With rapid deforestation becoming a major environmental issue, wood siding can fuel unsustainable forestry practices. Hardie siding and trim are made from naturally occurring raw materials. Their environmentally friendly makeup gives you a greener option for your home exterior. Hardie siding and trim have no asbestos, glass fibers, or formaldehyde, which makes them safe building products. The ingredients are low in toxicity and durable. Although there aren’t recycling programs for Hardie siding and trim, they last so long that they are far less likely to end up in a landfill than other siding and trim types.

Get Low Maintenance Siding and Trim for Your Home

HardieTrim requires far less maintenance than other siding types. It outlasts other materials by years, and (unlike wood siding) is easy to maintain. Simply wash your siding and trim with a garden hose and medium bristle nylon brush twice a year to remove the dirt and grime that have accumulated. Check your home siding’s caulking periodically to verify it isn’t deteriorating. If caulking fails, just reapply at the seams and around window and door trim to seal your home and ensure its protection.

A Trusted Kansas City Siding Contractor

At Stateline Exteriors, we’re a James Hardie Preferred contractor, so you can rest assured when you hire us your siding will be installed according to the manufacturer’s strict standards, and your 30-year warranty will be well protected. Our well-trained team of experts gives strict attention to detail. Our precision installation ensures you will enjoy the high performance Hardie siding is known for over its lifetime.

We ensure your satisfaction, we don’t do high pressure sales, and we give you options to consider so you can make the best long-term choice for your needs. Learn more about how the colors and styles of Hardie siding can bring out the best in your home exterior.

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