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Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Front Door

Faulty front doors can hinder curb appeal and cost you in higher utilities throughout the year. And since a new entry door offers a 95% return on investment, there’s likely not an easier home improvement you can do that will increase your home value and save you money.

At Stateline Exteriors, we understand the frustration that can come when choosing a new entry door. Since entry doors are customized to meet your style preferences and home architecture, we’re here to help guide you to the optimal door that will exceed your expectations. We’ll guide you through the material, hardware, and color options, simplifying the door buying process.

Here are the top 4 signs it’s time to replace your front door:

1. Does your front door look drab?

Your entry door resists more wear and tear than other facets of your home. It is a prominent feature in your home’s curb appeal, and extends a welcoming atmosphere to your guests. When your entry door looks old, faded or worn out, it hinders the overall appearance of your home exterior. If your front door is weathered, scratched or dented, it makes a bad first impression.

Solution: Get a front door replacement to boost curb appeal and welcome you, your family, and friends each time you enter it.

2. Is your front door damaged?

When an entry door becomes damaged or doesn’t work properly, it can compromise your home’s overall safety. It can also negatively impact your utility bills. If there are cracks or breaks along your front door’s edges or within its panels, it’s time for a door replacement.

Solution: When your entry door is damaged and not functioning as it should, it’s often more prudent to replace it rather than repair it. Protect your family by investing in a new entry door.

3. Is your door hanging level on its hinges?

Is it difficult to close and lock your front door? A faulty entry door can leave you frustrated, and drive up utilities bills.

Solution: Entry doors should function properly and insulate your home from the elements. Investing in an entry door replacement will create the ease of use you desire.

4. Have your utility bills increased?

Old, worn out exterior doors can cause your energy bills to increase, draining your hard-earned money.

Solution: The value of an entry door replacement can save you money. Enjoy the energy savings that come with a well-insulated home. Although windows play an important role in home insulation, your exterior doors do as well.

Benefits of a New Entry Door

  • Boost your home’s curb appeal
  • Decrease indoor drafts near your entry door
  • Contribute to consistent temperatures in your entryway
  • Protect you and your family from intruders
  • Protect your home from the elements
  • Give a great first impression to all who enter
  • Create a welcoming entrance to your home
  • Enjoy a great Return on Investment (ROI) when you resell your home

Fun Style Options

  • Choose a door that matches your home’s architectural style and your preferences.
  • Select the exact size that meets your needs, assuring optimal insulation for your home.
  • Decide on which material will give you the look and function you desire.


It’s tough to top the visual appeal of a solid wood door. Wood’s traditional look offers rich details, classic charm, and the perfect complement to Craftsman, Victorian, Colonial, and other types of homes. Wood entry doors can accommodate light-admitting glass to give an extra touch of style to your home’s entry. This high-end look resists wear and tear, and scratches are easy to repair. But the routine maintenance required with wood doors can become time-consuming.


Fiberglass doors are super strong and weather resistant. They’re made of the same thing surfboards and canoes are made of, and endure moisture with ease. More budget friendly than wood doors, durable fiberglass doors offer you high performance and long-lasting use. Their low maintenance is a great feature, particularly when compared to wood doors (which require refinishing regularly to prevent warping from the elements).

Fiberglass doors resist cracking and denting. They are highly customizable, and can create a host of different looks, so you’re sure to find one that matches your taste. You can choose to get a fiberglass door that has a smooth surface, but most people choose the textured surface because it simulates wood with its convincing quality. Amazingly, you can select the type of wood you want your long-lasting fiberglass door to look like, and they are so convincing in their appearance, it’s hard to tell they aren’t wood. Fiberglass doors don’t rot, warp, or swell like wood, and are even resistant to fire and insects. Their maintenance is easy—simply wipe with a wet cloth, and they will look fabulous!


Steel entry door replacements offer you the most budget friendly option in door materials on today’s market. They provide the optimal hindrance to intruders due to their extreme strength. They come in customizable options and are durable. They may not resist weather as well as fiberglass or wood doors, but they are super strong against intruders. They may dent, and if they get scratched, they can rust.

Safety a New Front Door Provides

Your home protects you and your loved ones from the elements, harsh weather, and intruders. A faulty exterior door can leave you vulnerable to both weather and theft. Get the safety you desire for your family with a new exterior door.

A front door replacement ranks as the single most cost-effective home improvement, returning up to over 95% of your cost.

Brighten your home with a new entry door, and enjoy its performance while saving on utilities. Contact Stateline Exteriors to schedule a consultation, and in the meantime, check out our gallery page, and learn what others are saying about our installation service and outstanding materials.

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