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Fireproof Your Overland Park, KS Home with James Hardie Siding

Home fires are devastating. Not only can you lose the home you love, but you can lose priceless belongings and memories that you can never get back. Home fires can also become a danger to your neighborhood, which is why many cities are taking action to reduce their likelihood.

Looking to decrease the number of home fires, cities like Overland Park and Leawood have created requirements and ordinances determining materials that can be installed in a home to slow the spread of fires.

James Hardie® siding is one such material that not only meets the requirements but exceeds their expectations. So how can its fire-resistant nature help in your Kansas siding replacement with StateLine Exteriors?

Is Hardie Siding More Fire-Resistant than Other Siding Options?

Hardie siding is a top-of-the-line fiber cement. It is designed to be low maintenance and long-lasting, and James Hardie’s fiber cement comes with a variety of benefits for your home, including its non-combustible nature. As a product of Portland cement, cellulose fibers, silica sand, and water, it does not contain materials that will ignite. Even when directly exposed to a flame, the material will not combust.

Unlike an underperforming material such as vinyl, which warps and melts from extreme heat, Hardie siding remains unfazed. And even Hardie siding’s major competitor of true wood planks and shingles can’t compete. Wood is a fire’s favorite food. You can achieve the same look as wood shakes, shingles, or planks in a material that just won’t ignite.

It does not provide fuel for existing fires either. While this does not mean your home cannot experience a fire from another source, it does mean that it can help slow the spread of a fire or even give you time to react before a fire spreads too large.

So Why Does It Work for My Overland Park Home?

Homeowners in the Overland Park area have experienced home fires for many different reasons, some avoidable and some unavoidable—including lightning striking nearby trees, wayward sparks from a BBQ, and fireworks. Choosing James Hardie siding brings peace of mind while meeting the requirements of Overland Park.

To comply with building regulation and prevent fires, take into account other siding features like trim, fascia, and soffits. James Hardie provides impeccable choices for these elements and brings that same level of fire-resistance.

Process of Residing Your Home in Accordance with City Ordinances

Each city will differ in its requirements for home exterior remodeling. While the city of Overland Park does not require permitting for installing replacement siding, cities like Leawood do.

However, to reside your home in Overland, there are requirements laid out in the city’s building code for regulations on siding applications and flashing, including siding thickness levels. The city follows the 2012 International Building Code, which regulates design and construction standards. However, it leaves the detailed siding choices to the HOAs. Before you install any siding in Overland Park, ensure it fits within your HOA’s covenants.

Cities like Leawood are stricter at the city level. The city of Leawood prohibits the use of aluminum, vinyl, or steel siding during a new construction or replacement. It also requires you to obtain the proper permitting to begin your project, and your siding choice will need to comply with city ordinances.

Hiring a City-Approved Contractor

Meeting city requirements for both Overland Park and Leawood also means hiring the right contractor. The city details that a contractor be licensed by Johnson County. Leawood also requires licensing through the city and only provides building permits to properly licensed contractors.

The right, licensed contractor will take care of your permitting needs for you, so you don’t have to mess with the paperwork or jump through any hoops. Just ensure you are hiring a trustworthy professional whom you know will not cut any corners.

Other Noteworthy Hardie Siding Benefits

The advantages of Hardie siding don’t stop at the fire-resistant level. Though this is an advantageous aspect that helps comply with many city regulations, Hardie siding is also:

  • Rot resistant
  • Pest resistant
  • Impact and wind resistant
  • Durable
  • Beautiful

Protect Your Investment with a Superior Installation

Your home should be a place of safety, and with a Hardie siding installation from Stateline Exteriors, you won’t have to worry about your siding being a resource for a fire. Ensure that your siding is properly installed so that no weak points exist.

Our team is a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, which means we undergo continual training to meet James Hardie’s specific standards for product installation, ensuring your siding is properly installed and maintains all product warranties.

See how a trusted James Hardie Preferred Contractor can help protect your home with long-lasting Hardie siding.

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