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Embellish Your Home with These Unique Hardie Siding Styles

If you’re considering upgrading your home’s exterior with James Hardie fiber cement siding—you’ve made an excellent choice! This popular siding is durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting, and it comes in hundreds of styles, textures, and designs you can use to customize your home. 

If you’d like your home’s exterior to deviate from traditional design elements and embody a creative, contemporary appearance, consider the following style ideas you can easily replicate with Hardie siding products.

Ensure Your Home “Pops” from the Curb with These Unique Siding Trends

Vertical Siding

Lap siding has been the “go-to” siding style for centuries—it’s classic, traditional, and inviting. However, if you’d prefer your exterior to stand out in a sea of horizontal siding, consider installing vertical (panel) boards to create a contemporary, eye-catching look.

James Hardie’s vertical siding product—HardiePanel—comes in several textures, including natural cedar and stucco, so you can easily add modern appeal to your home’s architectural style. In fact, you can even blend the sophistication of vertical boards with the warmth of lap siding by mixing and matching HardiePanel and HardiePlank products.

Colored Trim

It’s important to apply trim around your windows, doors, and other exterior seams to keep your home warm and dry—but that doesn’t mean your trim can’t be stylish!

Some homeowners love the look of dark trim, like Iron Gray, on black siding to create a monochromatic style or with white siding for an eye-catching contrast. Other homeowners prefer a lighter trim color, like Timber Bark or Cobble Stone, to give their trim a warm appearance that’s still a deviation from the traditional white shade found on many homes in Kansas City.

Bold Neutrals

You don’t have to settle for a dull beige house, but you also don’t need to choose a bright color, like red or blue, for your home to stand out. Instead, experiment with bold neutral shades from The Statement Collection by James Hardie to help your home “pop” from the curb after your next siding replacement.

For example, you can opt for an eye-catching black or gray shade, like Deep Ocean or Iron Gray, for a moody, modern appearance. Or, to create a warmer, classic look, you can choose a lighter neutral color, like Khaki Brown or Monterrey Taupe.

Colored Brick

Does your home have brick accents? If so, you may not be a big fan of the “old-fashioned” vibe they give your home—not to mention the reddish hues that throw off your color scheme. Fortunately, an experienced contractor can usually paint your bricks to match the design you’re envisioning your home—and these painted bricks look great when paired with fiber cement siding! 

Consider covering your brick accents with a white paint to create a bright, refreshing look for your home’s exterior, or black for a dramatic effect. Then, pair your newly painted bricks with vertical siding to add refreshing modern flair to what was once an outdated exterior.  

Texture & Color Contrast

Brick isn’t the only material you can “mix and match” with your fiber cement siding. Incorporating other materials with different textures into your home’s exterior, like natural stone, can make your siding stand out even more. 

However, by using a triad color scheme, you can still make your siding “pop” without using different textures. For instance, let’s say you selected Countrylane Red as your dominant siding shade. Then, you’d choose two colors across the color wheel (blues or greens) to be used as accents for trim, windows, and doors, like Boothbay Blue or Dried Eucalyptus.

Two-Tone Shades

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of finding a color scheme that doesn’t clash? If so, it’s wise to stick with a two-tone exterior. Black and white are classic shades that offer high contrast and never go out of style! 

For example, you can install white siding with black accents, like trim, roofing, and a garage door, for a subtly contemporary look, or opt for a black exterior with white accents for a bolder appearance. If you’re feeling creative, you can even incorporate equal amounts of dark and light colors to create an ultra-modern façade for your home.

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Make a Statement with Hardie Siding Installation from StateLine Exteriors

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