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Choosing Between Horizontal and Vertical Siding for Aesthetic Home Options

When it’s time to replace your siding, you have the opportunity to give your exterior a whole new look! Refresh it with a new siding material, color, and style that makes you fall in love with your home all over again. Weigh the options of horizontal or vertical siding—and consider a combination of the two for even greater flair that accents your house’s unique architecture. 

Deciding between traditional horizontal siding or trendy vertical siding can be challenging. Read on to gain insight into how your choice will impact your exterior’s overall design, maintenance needs, and home value. 

Why Horizontal Siding Is so Popular


Classic, horizontal siding, also called lap siding, gives your home a traditional and timeless look. It’s likely that most of the homes in your area are covered with horizontal planks, making it a solid choice for your property. Keep in mind that siding materials like fiber cement can last up to 50 years. 


Reputable contractors (like us!) have expertise in horizontal siding installation because of its extreme popularity. 


Horizontal siding offers simple upkeep and minimal repair needs. The amount of maintenance needed for your new siding will be impacted by the material you choose. Due to its makeup, James Hardie siding delivers minimal maintenance, while wood requires more tedious upkeep.  

Wash your siding twice a year to remove dirt and grime, and keep an eye on caulking that may deteriorate at joints (like window trim and between horizontal siding planks).

Note: When cleaning horizontal siding, in order to protect your investment, use a garden hose rather than a power washer. Avoid moisture penetration behind siding boards by aiming your hose directly at your siding rather than pointing it upward. 


Horizontal siding comes in a variety of material options, including James Hardie, fiber cement, vinyl, wood, and more. 

Home Value

Smart-looking horizontal siding replacement will boost your property’s value when it comes time to sell your home. It’s widely embraced, so your house will quickly catch the eye of potential buyers. 

Vertical Siding Advantages


Vertical siding delivers a trendy modern look that updates your property in a flash. Make your home stand out with this contemporary choice that delivers eye-catching curb appeal you’re sure to love. Achieve the popular board-and-batten look by combining wide vertical planks (boards) with slender vertical trim at the joints (battens) to create a rustic chic farmhouse look. 


Vertical siding installation isn’t as common as horizontal, so ask your contractor for a detailed estimate on your labor and material costs before making your final decision on which style will work best for your home. 


Vertical siding offers easy cleaning because water streams down it to the ground, where it can safely drain without penetrating your exterior. Board-and-batten siding delivers even greater protection from moisture intrusion, keeping your maintenance and repair needs low so you have more time to do the things you love most. 


Vertical siding also comes in several material options, including James Hardie, fiber cement, vinyl, wood, and more. 

Home Value

Vertical siding is stunning on the right architecture and will increase your property’s value. At some point, you will sell your house, so keep in mind that while vertical siding is trending and people love it, it isn’t as popular as horizontal. 

Can a Combination of Siding Styles Work on Your Home? 

If you’re struggling between the horizontal vs. vertical siding decision, keep in mind that you can mix and match these two options for a more personalized aesthetic. Consider using horizontal siding on the vast majority of your exterior and vertical panels on your gables. Or, create the popular board-and-batten look on your home and frame your garage or dormers with traditional horizontal planks. 

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Which Siding Style Is Best for Your Kansas City Home? 

Deciding between horizontal and vertical siding can feel challenging without the help of an experienced pro. As you’re dreaming about upgrading your exterior, we invite you to reach out to our qualified team as a sounding board for your ideas. At StateLine Exteriors we’ll help guide you toward stunning style solutions—and ensure you understand the installation process ahead. 

Don’t miss out on siding resolutions that are at your fingertips. Learn more about our siding services, and be on your way to a gorgeous exterior!

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