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Can Anyone Install James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie® fiber cement siding is a beautiful, durable option to protect your home’s exterior. It comes in dozens of versatile colors and designs to match your personal style, and the unique blend of sand, water, cement, and cellulose fibers prevents damaging effects from powerful rain, snow, wind, and sun.  

Because of their durability, fiber cement boards are incredibly bulky and difficult to install. Although the professionals have the right skills, tools, and manpower to install this siding correctly, some homeowners mistakenly opt for a more affordable option—installing it themselves.  

Fiber cement siding will protect your home for decades. However, your home may become susceptible to costly damage that your warranty won’t cover when your siding is installed incorrectly.

Here’s a look at why hiring a professional to install your fiber cement siding is a worthwhile investment.

Why You Shouldn’t Install James Hardie Siding Yourself

James Hardie siding is difficult to install—it even takes professional contractors time to learn the best installation practices. Here’s why:

It’s Heavy

Some homeowners assume that if they’ve installed vinyl siding, they can install fiber cement siding too. It can’t be that different, right? 

Actually, Hardie siding is nearly five times thicker than vinyl siding and weighs almost two and a half pounds per square foot. Although the thickness of Hardie boards makes them exceptionally durable, it also makes them extremely cumbersome to install. 

Usually, a team of two or more contractors will work together to complete a fiber cement siding replacement. It’s not a one-person job.

It Requires Expensive Tools

Unless you have an impressive tool shed, you likely won’t have all the tools needed to install fiber cement siding. You’ll need an air compressor, cordless drill, circular saw, jigsaw, safety glasses, and a caulk gun, just to name a few.

The cost of purchasing all these tools can add up quickly, and they aren’t a great investment if you don’t plan to use them again. Instead, work with a contractor who has (and knows how to use!) every tool needed for your siding installation.

It Requires Special Materials

Aside from the boards themselves, siding installation requires a long list of extra materials, like felt, nails, caulk, flashing, paint, and more. 

Rather than spending hours trying to find the best materials to purchase for your installation, hire a professional contractor. They already have tried-and-true supplies on hand, so you can rest assured your new siding boards are well supported with quality products.

You Can Void Your Warranty

Hardie siding comes with an excellent industry-leading warranty. However, the warranty does come with some stipulations. It does not cover: 

  • Improper storage, shipping, handling, or installation of the product 
  • Improper installation of studs and other accessories 
  • Neglect, abuse, or misuse 
  • Damage from incorrect design 
  • Damage from water infiltration 
  • Peeling or performance of third-party paint, stains, or coatings 

Essentially, if you install your siding incorrectly, your warranty won’t cover the inevitable damage. Instead, invest in a professional contractor who will fasten your siding correctly the first time, so you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs down the road.

What Is a James Hardie Preferred Siding Contractor?

James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor

Don’t hire just any contractor for your siding installation. Instead, find the nearest James Hardie Preferred Siding Contractor to complete the job correctly.

The James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program matches homeowners with top-performing contractors across the country. Contractors must adhere to the installation practices, customer service, and work reliability standards set by the James Hardie company to qualify as a James Hardie Preferred Siding Contractor.

Want to know more about James Hardie Siding? Our “Ultimate Hardie Siding Guide” has the info you need. Read the Guide

Benefits of Hiring a James Hardie Preferred Siding Contractor

James Hardie Preferred contractors offer homeowners the following benefits:

Skilled Installation

  • Trained to follow James Hardie best practices
  • Extensive knowledge about James Hardie products
  • Professional sales approach
  • Installation backed by a 30-year limited, non-prorated, transferable warranty

Excellent Credentials

  • Liability insurance of $1,000,000 per incident
  • Workman’s compensation insurance
  • Excellent credit report
  • State-licensed
  • Fully bonded (where required)

Outstanding Ratings

  • “Likely to Recommend” score of 90 percent on GuildQuality, a third-party customer satisfaction surveying service
  • Positive background checks with past customers 
  • Satisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau

Invest in Siding Installation that Exceeds Your Expectations with StateLine Exteriors

When you’re ready to upgrade your Kansas home with attractive, long-lasting Hardie siding, consider working with StateLine Exteriors—your local James Hardie Preferred Contractor.

As Kansas City’s award-winning James Hardie Contractor, we’re committed to going the extra mile to ensure the materials and finishes on your home match your personal style and the craftsmanship protects the integrity of your industry-leading warranty. Learn more about our James Hardie services to discover how we do it!

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