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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Budget-Friendly Remodeling Options

In our uncertain economic climate, upgrading your exterior can feel daunting. StateLine’s expert team can provide you budget-friendly solutions to enhance your home, increase its curb appeal and deliver a great return on investment. You’ll get great results without draining your wallet. 

Whether you’re refreshing your siding, updating your entryway, or enhancing your overall aesthetic, our tailored recommendations ensure your vision comes to life. Our experienced crew makes unlocking your property’s full potential simple, starting with the front façade. 

Transform Your Exterior’s Front Façade with Upgrades that Pack a Punch

Whether refreshing your exterior’s look for yourself or preparing for your home’s sale, investing in exterior remodeling brings long-lasting rewards. Renovating your front exterior offers benefits including enhanced appearance, increased value, improved energy efficiency, and greater security.

But where do you begin? Prioritize projects with the most visual impact, focusing on key areas like siding, windows, and entryways for the best return on investment. By exploring the following budget-friendly options, your exterior can be transformed without overspending. 

Front Siding 

Fiber cement siding looks fantastic from the curb, elevating everyone’s first impression of your house. It delivers outstanding durability, resilience to the elements, and modern style. Choose timeless Hardie® Plank horizontal siding for your home’s body, and accent architectural features with Hardie® Shingles to add visual interest and texture to your curb appeal. You’ll love fiber cement’s low maintenance, pest resistance, and durability. 

There are a variety of ways to get the perfect finishing touch to your home’s overall look. You could choose to add a pop of contrasting color with new trim or shutters, or explore different textures or styles of siding in specific areas to add interest to the front of your home. 

Front Windows

If the front of your home has too few windows or small windows, it can decrease your exterior’s style and dampen the atmosphere indoors with minimal natural light. Enlarge your current windows to bring more natural light into your home. Consider adding a bay window, a fixed picture window, a transom window above your current windows, or sidelites on either side of your entry door. 

Add dimension to your exterior by changing the size and shape of your current windows. You’ll be amazed at the lift new windows provide your home, both inside and out. Replacement windows give a crisp, contemporary appeal to your home’s façade with clean lines and distinct color contrast. Boost energy efficiency, enhance security, and enjoy greater peace and quiet in your home with new front windows that don’t break the bank. 

Front Entry Door

An attractive new entry door is one of the most cost-effective ways of updating the front of your house. The modern beauty of a custom ProVia entry door instantly lifts your home’s design. Include a pop of color on your front door that accents your siding and trim, and you’ll put out the welcome mat in a whole new way to friends and family. 

ProVia’s ENERGY STAR® certification ensures you’ll enjoy savings consistently on utilities, and you won’t have to endure uncomfortable drafts that seep in when doors are old. Choose from durable fiberglass or trusted steel and enjoy long-lasting high performance for years to come. And ProVia’s lifetime limited warranty will give you peace of mind in your investment. 


Add well-placed shrubs, trees, flowering plants, and more to bring color and life to your exterior’s façade. Use them to increase interest and tastefully cover any blemishes on your exterior. Keep new plants away from your windows so you get the maximum amount of natural light inside. You’ll be amazed at what a few well-appointed landscaping elements can do to enhance curb appeal.

Renovate the Front of Your Home and Reap the Benefits Now and When You Sell

Don’t let financial constraints halt your home exterior remodeling dreams. With our expert advice and affordable solutions, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and enjoy the results. 

Get the long-lasting benefits of a smart investment in your exterior with guidance from our experienced team at StateLine Exteriors. We don’t cut corners, always go the extra mile, and believe we’ve done the job right when you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Imagine how proud you’ll be of your home again with a fresh exterior remodel. 

Take a look at this featured project and see how we transformed a local Shawnee resident’s property with gorgeous new siding, expansive windows, and custom details that made all the difference. 

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