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7 Advantages to Remodeling the Front of Your Home

Feeling overwhelmed with the current look of your exterior, but not sure you want to invest in remodeling the whole exterior? We’ve got good news for you! A “front-of-home remodel” can give you the look you want with a budget-friendly overall cost. It will speed up your project’s timeline, and deliver awesome results you’ll love coming home to. 

Remodeling the front of your house is a simple way to boost aesthetics without overspending. Let’s dive into the benefits of a front-of-home remodel, and as we do, imagine how much beauty it will add to your home’s exterior! 

Enjoy the Many Benefits of a Front-of-Home Remodel 

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Transform your property’s looks with the fresh curb appeal a front-of-home remodel delivers. Exterior remodeling creates the beauty you deserve to come home to. 

2. Increased Property Value 

When it comes time to sell your property, you’ll see a sizable return on your investment (ROI) when you invest in a front-of-home remodel. 

3. Improved Energy Efficiency

Your energy usage will decrease when you install new windows and siding. And a new entry door ensures your house is well sealed against uncomfortable drafts that try to seep in. Utility bills will decrease once your front-of-home remodeling project is completed—and your wallet will thank you! 

4. Enhanced Home Security

A front-of-home renovation bolsters your security and minimizes the possibility of an intruder entering your house. Why? Because elements like today’s window hardware, a steel entry door, and window security systems boost your home’s protective layer, enhance its overall security, and give you peace of mind in your safety and the safety of your family. 

5. Boost Comfort and Function 

You’ll love the indoor comfort level a new entry door and replacement windows deliver. And the easy use you’ll enjoy with your new windows will make your life more pleasant daily.  

6. Lower Maintenance Requirements

Old siding, windows, and doors require upkeep most people don’t have time for. But when you invest in new siding, windows, and a new entry door, you’ll have minimal maintenance requirements, giving you more time to do the things you love most. Cleaning new windows is a breeze with their convenient tilt-in feature. Say goodbye to climbing a ladder to clean windows, and say hello to easy cleaning. 

7. Personalize Style

Your exterior should reflect your unique style. And a front entry remodel gives you the perfect opportunity to express yourself with a colorful new door, modern siding, and attractive new window styles. Elevate curb appeal with the style you’ve been dreaming of! 

Elements to Include in Your Front-of-Home Remodel 

Home Siding Replacement—Front of Home Only

Create a beautiful new look for your exterior with stylish James Hardie® siding and trim. Enjoy long-lasting beauty, vibrant baked-on color, low maintenance, exceptional weather resistance, reliable pest resistance, and an outstanding 30-year non-prorated transferable warranty.

Get the customized look you desire by choosing from popular horizontal lap siding, contemporary vertical siding, rustic chic board-and-batten, warm cedar shake, and more! You can’t go wrong with Hardie siding replacement. It’s America’s #1 siding solution. 

Front Window Replacement

Enjoy the gorgeous views and clean look of replacement windows. Choose from two impressive industry-leading options: 

  • Marvin® fiberglass windows deliver exceptional insulation, great looks, lasting performance, enhanced energy efficiency, reliable chip resistance, and a custom fit that keeps outside air from seeping in. 
  • ProVia® vinyl windows offer energy efficiency, reliable durability, low maintenance, sleek frames, expansive views, multiple color options, and a reinforced locking rail. 

Entry Door Replacement

Add a pop of color to your front home remodel with a great-looking new entry door. An ENERGY STAR® certified new door ensures the outside temperatures will stay outdoors where they belong! Choose from durable fiberglass or steel to fortify your home against intruders. 

Modernize the Front of Your House with Exterior Upgrades that Welcome Friends and Family

Refresh your home’s exterior with an uplifting front-of-home remodel! From front siding renovations to entryway upgrades, at StateLine Exteriors, we specialize in exterior makeovers that enhance curb appeal without breaking the bank. Explore our budget-friendly options for a stunning curb appeal transformation. 

When you remodel the front of your home you update its looks, create a more welcoming ambiance, and increase resale value. Get a quote on a front-of-home remodel, and see how doable your home’s transformation really is.

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