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13 Things to Ask When Hiring a Siding Company in Kansas City

Finding an experienced, trustworthy company to complete your siding replacement can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible. 

First, ask for contractor recommendations from local family members, friends, and neighbors satisfied with their recent siding replacement. Then, ask each contractor the following questions to find the right Kansas City company for your upcoming project!

Ask These Questions to Hire the Best Kansas City Siding Contractor

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Working with an established contractor with an excellent reputation in Kansas City is one of the best ways to ensure your siding project will go smoothly. Inquiring about a company’s longevity can help you weed out inexperienced contractors.

2. Are You Licensed, Insured, and Credentialed?

Both Kansas and Missouri require contractors to be licensed by the city or county where they work. That said, your contractor should be able to provide you with proof of licensing, as well as liability insurance. Most contractors carry general liability and workman’s compensation insurance to ensure that you, the homeowner, are protected from financial responsibility in the event of an accident or emergency during your project.

Additionally, you can investigate a contractor’s credentials, like training, certifications, and other awards that demonstrate their expertise. For example, StateLine Exteriors was awarded the title of James Hardie Guildmaster for fiber cement siding installation. If you’re interested in Hardie siding installation, looking for contractors who hold this title is a great place to start! 

3. Do You Specialize in Certain Types of Siding?

Before searching for siding companies, it’s helpful to know the brands and types of siding you’re interested in using for your replacement. Then, you can find contractors that specialize in installing the kind(s) of siding you have in mind. 

For example, a friend may have recommended you to a trustworthy, well-known Kansas City contractor that specializes in vinyl siding installation. However, if you have your eye on fiber cement siding, you would be better off finding a contractor with a fiber cement specialty⎯even if the vinyl siding contractor came highly recommended. Choosing the right contractor for your unique project is essential.

4. Do You Offer Warranties?

Workmanship warranties protect homeowners against installation errors, demonstrating that a company stands behind its high-quality work. Product warranties are guarantees offered by the siding manufacturer, and they show that the manufacturer trusts the integrity of the company installing the product. Typically, reliable contractors will offer both product and workmanship warranties.

5. Will You Provide an Itemized Bid?

Itemized bids list every cost of your project, from demolition and installation to caulking and painting. These bids are typically more detailed than a traditional bid, which lists one lump sum for the entire project. Itemized bids are important to secure for two critical reasons.

First, while you’re searching for a contractor, itemized bids make it much easier to compare companies’ costs to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Second, once you’ve selected a contractor for your siding installation, an itemized bid can help to prevent pricing disputes when your project is underway.

6. Will You Provide a Project Timeline?

Your formal agreement with your contractor should always include a timeline that consists of a start date, end date, and milestones along the way. The project timeline, just like the itemized bid, is a great way to manage expectations between you and your contractor.

7. How Are Change Orders Handled?

During your project, it’s common for obstacles to arise. Additionally, you may want to change an aspect of your project after construction has already started. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how change orders (a written bid for additional work) are addressed, so you can confirm making changes won’t be a hassle during your project.

8. What Is Your Preferred Method of Communication?

It’s essential to have an open line of communication during your project, so don’t hesitate to ask your contractor how to contact them if you have questions during the process.

9. How Will You Keep My Property Safe and Clean During Construction?

Siding installation can be messy. It’s important to know your contractor will protect your front porch, backyard, and outdoor furniture during your replacement and be responsible for cleaning up nails and other debris when your project is complete.

10. Will You Create a Written Contract?

You should never hire a contractor that’s not willing to provide a written contract. Your contract should include the project timeline, price breakdown of labor and materials, the total cost, and other important details to be agreed upon before the project begins.

11. May I See Your Portfolio?

It’s always an excellent idea to ask a contractor if you can see work samples or a portfolio of projects they’ve completed in the past before you agree to work with them. Your contractor’s portfolio should indicate their level of experience and quality of work. It’s also the perfect opportunity to ensure that the contractor’s style matches your personal preferences.

12. May I Request a List of Referrals?

Like a portfolio, a trustworthy contractor should be more than willing to offer you a list of referrals from previous clients. You can give these homeowners a call to receive their honest feedback about working with the company.

13. Do You Offer Any Other Services?

If you’re considering a complete exterior remodel, it’s convenient and often cheaper to work with one company for the entirety of your project. When you’re interviewing contractors, ask if they perform or specialize in other services, like roof replacement, exterior painting, or door and window installation for a hassle-free home remodel.

Complete Your Search for a Kansas City Siding Company with StateLine Exteriors

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